About WCAC

From small beginnings around fifty years ago, the Waitakere City Athletic Club has grown to become one of the strongest clubs in its region. Catering to all ages, the club is built on a solid foundation of active participation and an enjoyment for the sports that are included in its program.

Members if the Waitakere Athletic Club are given the opportunity to compete against each other and against other athletic clubs throughout the course of the season including traveling as part of the team to outside events.
Thanks to many years of voluntary labour and financial assistance by a group of dedicated individuals, the club now has a track and field facility that has become a world class venue, not only for athletics, but also for a range of other sporting and community activities.

Waitakere Athletic Club members over the years have gone on to represent at a regional, national and international level and the club continually strives to continually nurture and support the next generation of athletes coming through.